NX 11

Edge Blend

Edge Blend

Edge blend command creates smooth tangent faces between faces which connected on edge.

To activate edge blend command

  • Click the “Edge Blend” command icon on Home Ribbon Bar.
  • Select “Edge Blend” command from “Menu=> Insert => Detail Feature => Edge Blend”

To use edge blend command select edges to blend when “Select Edge” active in the opened dialog box. As you select edges, the model on the screen will be updated and the radius on edge will be shown. You can change or define radius values by typing value in boxes or by dragging arrow on the screen

Add New Set:

You can define different radius values for different edges. There are two different methods to add a new set.

  • Click LMB on icon right side of the “Add New Set” shown in figure
  • Click lightly middle mouse button.

You can see and change Set list by clicking the list tab. Lists of sets will be opened. To change radius click on a radius from the list. Also, you can change the radius by clicking the radius box on the screen.

– Activate edge blend command
– Select edge-1 to define radius-1
– Click lightly middle mouse button. Radius-2 will be active in the “Add New Set” list.
– Select edge-2 to define radius-2
– Click lightly middle mouse button. Radius-3 will be active in the “Add New Set” list
– Select edge-3 to define radius-3
– Click lightly middle mouse button. Radius-4 will be active in the “Add New Set” list
– Select edge-4 to define radius-4
– Click normally or click lightly two times to finish edge blend command

You can select more than one edge by pressing and dragging LMB on screen.  Edges in the selection area will be selected automatically.

Edge Blend order in the part navigator is important. The shape of the model changes due to the order of the command. You can change the order of the commands by clicking and dragging command on part navigator.

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