NX 11


Roles are used for arranging different interface settings. You can set different command locations or change the visibility of the commands on the ribbon bar. 

Note: You can change but can not save default roles. When you activate the default role again, all of your changes will be lost. Create a new user role and make your changes to this role. Do not forget to save the role after changes.

Adding a new role

  • Click role on Resource bar
  • Click right mouse button on the role navigation bar
  • Click “New User Role”
  • “Role Properties” window will open
  • Type new role name and click “Ok”

You can use different roles due to your computer or monitor in the “Presentation” tab. These roles don’t change the content of the toolbars.

  • Default: For traditional non-touch monitor.
  • High Definition: For 4k monitor users. It displays larger bitmaps.
  • Touch Panel: For touch panel monitor users.
  • Touch Tablet: For small touch tablet users.

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