NX 11


Changes solid body to create a wall by subtracting volume inside the solid body.

To activate command:

  • Click command on Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group => Shell
  • Click command on Menu => Insert => Offset/Scale => Shell

For using the “Shell” command:

  • Activate the “Shell” command.
  • “Shell” command window will open. “Select Face” in the “Face to Pierce” tab will be highlighted automatically.
  • Select the face of the solid body to remove
  • Define the Thickness value. The thickness will be activated automatically after face selection. You can type wall thickness after face selection. (Also you can select more than one face to remove. Face selection is active in this step)
  • If you want to change wall direction, Click on “Reverse Direction” box in “Thickness” tab
  • Click ”Ok” or  (middle mouse button) to finish command.

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