NX 11

Normal Cutout

Extracts volumes from sheet metal by using sheet metal production principles. Cutting faces will be perpendicular to the sheet metal surface. Look figure for the difference between the normal cutout and extrude subtract.

To activate command:

  • Click on command on (When sheet metal application activated.) “ Home => Feature Group => Normal Cutout”
  • Activate command from “Menu => Insert => Cut => Normal Cutout”

For Using Normal Cutout Function:

  • Activate “Normal Cutout” command.
  • “Select Curve” in the “Section” tab will be highlighted automatically. Select a curve or sketch to extract.
  • If more than one solid body in the working part, select a solid body. To select a solid body first; Click on to highlight “Select Body” in the “Target” tab. Then select a solid body.
  • If you have any problems with to cutout sketch. Change options of “Limits” or “Cut Method” in the “Cutout Properties” tab.
  • Click MMB (middle mouse button) or “Ok” to finish.

Note: Sometimes “Normal Cutout” command and “Extrude” command subtract functions might give the same results on the model. But when you flatten sheet metal for the production of sheet metal, some of the details might disappear from the model. Exporting dwg for the laser cut of the sheet metal might cause the wrong production. Do not use other commands to remove material from the sheet metal model.

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