NX 11


Draws a line between points in the model without creating any sketch. Also, you can draw lines by angle or vector by changing end options in the command window.

To activate command:

  • Curve Ribbon Bar => Curve Group => Line
  • Menu => Insert => Curve => Line

For Using “Line” command:

  •  “Activate “Line” command.
  • Select a start point while “Select Point” in the “Start Option” tab highlighted.
  • Select an end point.  (Also you can draw a line by angle or direction by changing “End Option”)
  • If you want to change end length, move arrow handle on the endpoint.
  • If you want to change the start point on a line, move the handle on start point.
  • (Also you can change start or endpoints from the settings in the “Limits” tab. By the default it is hidden. To see these commands click on down arrow under command window)
  • You can move start or endpoints by clicking and dragging, handles on both sides of the line
  • Click the middle mouse button or “Ok” to finish.

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