NX 11

Snap Settings

Snap settings, use for attaching curves to each other objects. It is mostly used in the sketch environment. Some of the snap options hidden on the top bar. My advice is to place all of the options on the top border bar. So you can find problems easily. Some options might be active and you can not find a problem if it is hidden.

  • Enable Snap Point: Activates or Deactivates snap options. You can not select any snap options if it is deactivated.
  • Allow Snap to Closest Point: Snaps nearest end or middle point of the curve or edge.
  • Clear Snap Point: Clears all snap options. You can select snap options again after this command used.

Note 1: You can select the datum point if the “Existing Point” snap option is active.

Note 2: If you can not select edges on the model, look “Selection Scope” on top border bar. It might be set as a “Within Active Sketch Only”. Change this setting as an “Entire Assembly” or “Within Work Part Only”.

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