NX 11

Divide Face

“Divide Face” command is used for dividing faces. (It is currently hidden in Siemens NX 11.) It creates divided faces to extrude face, pull face, to define painting details on the face.

 Command activation:

  • Select “Divide Face” command from “Menu => Insert => Trim => Divide Face”
  • Click on “Divide Face” command on “Home Ribbon Bar => Synchronous Modeling Group => More” (Hidden)

For Using “Divide Face” command:

  • Select the “Divide Face” command.
  • Look “Face Rule” box on the top border. You can have selection problems because of this. Select Face type you will select.
    • Single Face
    • Tangent Faces
    • Adjacent Faces
    • Feature Faces
    • Body Faces
    • Region Faces
    • Tangent Region Faces
  • Select Face when select face active. (It will be activated automatically at the start of the command)
  • Click Middle Mouse Button (MMB) or select “Select Object” in “Dividing Object” tab
  • Select curves or sketches on-screen (Also you can select from the list in “Part Navigator”)
  • Click Ok or Middle Mouse Button (MMB)

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