NX 11

Direction in Extrude

There are two important functions in the “Direction” tab

  • Reverse Direction: You can change the direction of the extrusion by clicking “Reverse Direction” in the “Direction” tab. Also, you can change direction by double-clicking on the head of the length arrow on the screen.
  • Specify Direction: You can specify the extrude direction by using the “Specify Vector” in the “Direction” tab.  First click “Specify Vector” then select straight line, edge, axis, etc. to define extrusion vector. For different options to define the extrusion vector, click down arrow at the end of the command box. (By the default extrusion direction is perpendicular to the section. )

Note: If you select the non-planar surface to extrude. NX calculates the center of the surface and makes extrude direction perpendicular to the surface at the center point.

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