Siemens NX

Add Leaders on Note

You can create or add more than one leader on the texts created by the “Note” command in NX. 

To create multiple leaders on the Note:

  1. Start the “Note” command
  2. Click on the “Select Terminating Object” in the Leader tab.
  3. The “New” bar should be highlighted in the list to create or add a new leader.
  4. Specify the location for the leader.
  5. “Specify Location” in the Origin will re-highlight.
  6. Select “Select Terminating Object” again.
  7. “New” bar should be active in the “List” bar. Otherwise, the previous leader will relocate.
  8. You can add new leaders while the “New” in the “Leader” tab selected.

To add leaders on the created Note

  1. Double click on the text note
  2. Click on the “Select Terminating Object” in the command dialog.
  3. Click on the “New” in the list if it is not activated.
  4. Select locations for the new leaders.

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