Siemens NX

Circular Dimensioning as Diametral or Radial

In the NX sketch application when you try to create a dimension on the circular curve, the circular dimension is created as a radius dimension. You can create this dimension as a diametral at the start of the dimensioning or change the dimension as a diametral after it is created. 

Method 1: Creating a diametral dimension at the start.

  1. Start the “Rapid Dimension” command.
  2. Change the measurement method as Radial or Diametral in the command dialog box as shown in the figure.
  3. Select the circular curve to create a dimension on it.

Method 2: Changing dimension as a diametral or radial dimension after dimension created.

  1. Click twice on the dimension to open the edit dialog box.
  2. The “Radial Dimension” dialog box will open.
  3. Change the method as “Radial” or “Diametral” as shown in the figure.

Method 3: By the new version of the NX you can directly create a “Radial” or “Diametral” dimension without using the “Rapid Dimension” command.

  1. Click the left mouse button on the curve to select. (Select curve, not the center point.)
  2. “Quick Pick” commands will open near the cursor. (Shown in the figure)
  3. Select the “Radius Dimension” or “Diameter Dimension” from the quick pick commands.

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