Siemens NX

Showing sketch dimensions in the model

The selected dimensions in the sketch can be made visible in the 3d model. The figure shows the sketch dimensions in the 3d modeling in the NX.

First of all, you can make this operation only sketches that opened/created by the “Sketch in Task Environment” method. If you create a sketch by the normal “Sketch” method, change the sketch type by clicking on the “Open in Sketch Task Environment” command to change the sketch type.
(Home (Sketch active) => Direct Sketch group => More drop-down arrow=> Sketch Feature group => Open in Sketch Task Environment)

To make sketch dimensions visible in the 3D model

  1. Activate the “Display Dimensions as PMI” function command from the (Home => Contraints group Drop-Down arrow (on the right-bottom of the constraints group) => Display Dimensions as PMI
  2. The command will be placed on the constraints group.
  3. Click on the “Display Dimensions as PMI” command to activate.
  4. The command dialog box will appear on the screen.
  5. Select dimensions to show on the model in the 3d modeling in the NX.
  6. Click “Ok” in the dialog box. (Also you can click the middle mouse button to click “Ok” and close the command box automatically.)
  7. When you exit sketch to modeling, you will see the dimensions on the 3D model.

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