Siemens NX

Default part file folder for NX saving files

By default, NX saves the cad files in the “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII” folder. This might be a problem because sometimes windows firewall blocks c:\program files\… folder files. Also, it might be boring to set saving folder every start of the NX.

You can change the saving folder from the “Customer Default” settings.

To change NX start folder

  1. Start “Customer Defaults” from the “File => Utilities => Customer Defaults”
  2. Go to “Gateway => General => Directories”
  3. You will write the folder address in the “Window” bar in the “Part File Directory”
    My advice is to copy your saving folder file address and paste it into this bar.
  4. Click “Apply” or “Ok”
  5. Restart NX. (The changes will be applied after the NX restarted.)

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