Siemens NX

Exporting Image of 3D Model

You can export the image of the 3D model in the NX. Also, you can define the region of the image and set the background color for the image.

To export image:

  1. Click on the “Export Image” command from “File => Export => Export Image”
  2. Define the input area for the image, from the first tab.
    1. Graphics Area: Selects the whole area of the graphics window.
    2. Region: Defines region for the image. the only selected area will be exported to the image. Define an area in the graphics window when “Define Region” highlighted in the dialog box.
  3. Select format for the image
    1. PNG (transparent background)
    2. JPG (smaller file size)
    3. GIF
    4. TIF
    5. BMP
  4. Select the background options from the last tab.
    1. Original: The image background will be saved as seen in the NX graphics window
    2. Custom Color: You can change the background color.
    3. Transparent: Only active in “Png” formats. It creates an image with a transparent background.
  5. Click “Ok” to finish command.

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