Siemens NX

Fill Surface

You can create a surface from the closed contour of a curve set or edges. The created surface can be modified by changing the method or the “Control Point Offset” in the command dialog box.

To create a surface by using the “Fill Surface” command:

  1. Start the “Fill Surface” command. (Surface Ribbon Bar => Surface Group => Surface)
  2. Select the curve set.
  3. If you want you can change the shape of the surface, Change the method in the “Shape Control” in the command dialog box. 
  4. Click “Ok” in the dialog box to finish command.

Tip: You can create a surface like the conical surface through selected curves. To make this change the “Control Point Offset” in the “Fill Surface” command. (Look the figure below)

Note: Both of the figures in the post are created by using the same curve set. The surface in the second figure is created by changing the value of the “Control Point Offset” in the “Fill surface” command dialog box.

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