Siemens NX

Fully Shaded View in NX Drafting

You can create fully shaded views in NX drafting. Also, you can change the created view rendering style to a fully shaded view.

  • To Create a fully shaded view:
    1. Start the “Base View” command
    2. Select a part to create a view.
    3. Click on the settings icon in the settings tab
    4. Select “Common => Shading” on the left bar.
    5. Set the “Rendering Style” as “Fully Shaded.
    6. Click “Ok” to close the settings dialog window
    7. Specify a location in the sheet to create a view.
  • To change  the created view render style as “Fully Shaded”:
    1. Click on the view border to open the edit dialog box.
    2. Set the “Rendering Style” as “Fully Shaded.
      (Common => Shading)

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