Siemens NX

Mirror Geometry

You can mirror solid or surface bodies in the NX.

To mirror body in the Modeling:

  1. Click on the “Mirror Geometry” command.
    1. Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => Mirror Geometry
    2. Home Ribbon Bar => Feature Group => More Gallery => Associative Copy Gallery => Mirror Geometry (Currently Hidden)
  2. Select geometry to mirror.
  3. Click the middle mouse button once to activate the “Mirror Plane” in the dialog box.
  4. Specify mirror plane
  5. Click “Ok” to finish command

Note: It might be hard to find this command in NX because there are two mirror commands in NX and you can not find this command by typing “mirror body” in the command finder.
If you search the “mirror body” in the command finder, the command finder will find the “Mirror Body” command. This command only can use in sheet metal modeling. 
Type “Mirror Geometry” in the “Command Finder” to find the command that mirrors in the Modeling application.

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