Siemens NX

Modelling Enclosure of the Case in Assembly

The body of the case modeled before and we will make an enclosure of the case.

  1. Open Model of the Case body.
  2. Click “Create New Parent” to create an assembly (Case will be component in new assembly)
    1. Type model name
    2. Select folder
    3. Click Ok or (MMB)
  3. Click “Create New”.
    1. Select the model in the opening window
    2. Type model name
    3. Select folder
    4. Click Ok or (MMB)
  4. A new window box will be opened. (Create New Component)
    1. Don’t select anything
    2. Click Ok or (MMB)
  5. Double click new part on “Assembly Navigator” to activate. Other parts and assembly become frozen.  (You can see the active part on the assembly navigator and screen. Non-active parts become frozen)
  6. Click extrude.
    1. Change selection scope it should be “Entire Assembly”
    2. Change curve rule as “Tangent Curves”
    3. Select edge of the body shown in the figure
    4. Select edges of the six hole in the figure. (If you can not see the edges of the hole, Change rendering style as a “Static Wireframe” by clicking Drop Down near Rendering Style)
    5. Define distance as Start=0, End=4
    6. Change the direction of the extrude if it is necessary
  7. Change Render Style as Shaded With Edges.
  8. We will use M3 screws. That’s because enclosure holes will be diameter=3.5mm. To change diameters click “Resize Face” command in “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Synchronous Modelling group) => Resize Face
    1. Select holes (Six holes would be selected)
    2. Type new diameter.
    3. Click Ok or (MMB)

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