Siemens NX

Naming Sketches in NX

There are different ways to change sketch names in NX. You can both change sketch names outside the sketch or inside the sketch (sketch created by using “Sketch in Task Environment”)

Methods to change sketch names:

  1. When you create the sketch by using “Sketch in Task Environment”, the sketch “Name” will be seen on the home ribbon bar as seen on the figure. Type a new sketch name on the “Name” box in the Home ribbon bar.
    (This “Name” function only active in sketches created with “Sketch in Task Environment”. This function is not active in the sketches created by using normal “Sketch” command.)
  2. Click on the sketch feature in the part list navigator on the left side of the screen. The color of the feature will change to blue. Click again. The typing function will active. Type the new name of the sketch. 
  3. Click the right mouse button on the feature on the part list navigator. Click on the “Rename” on the opened list. Type the new name for the sketch/feature.

Note 1: there are differences between method 1 and Method 2,3. In the figure. The red area named Method 1, the blue area named Method 2,3.

Note 2: If you want to change name visibility as Method 1;

  1. Right-click on the sketch on the part list navigator.
  2. Select properties from the opened list.
  3. Select the General tab on top of the properties dialog box.
  4. Type a new name on the Name box.

Note 3: Method 1 changes the name of the sketch. Method 2 and 3 change the “Feature Name” of the sketch.

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