Siemens NX

Optimize Face in NX

The Optimize Face command simplifies 3d model faces on the model.  The unnecessary details on the surface can be deleted, merged, or improved by the “Optimize Face” command. It is mainly used for the divided surfaces on the same plane or face.

Important Note: This command deletes all parameters from the model.

To start the “Optimize Face” command

  • Menu=> Insert => Syncronous Modeling => Optimize => Optimize Face
  • Home Ribbon Bar => Syncronous Mıodeling Group => More => Optimize Face
    (It is currently hidden in the new NX versions. You can find and relocate the command by using the command finder.)

To  simplify faces by using the “Optimize Face” command:

  1. Start the “Optimize Face” command.
  2. Select faces to optimize.
  3. Click “Ok” to simplify faces.
  4. The warning pop-up will appear on the graphics window as “This operation removes parameters from the feature. Do you want to continue?
  5. Click the “Yes” button.
  6. All surfaces will be optimized and the parameters will be deleted from the model.

Note: In this example, you can also use the “Delete Face” command to remove text from the surface.

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