Siemens NX

Snap Options in NX

Snap options and snap settings are placed on the top border bar in NX. You can enable or disable the snap settings or change the snap options from the functions on the top border bar. Snap options are used to select points of the curve or edge in the model.

Snap Options:

  1. Enable Snap Point: Enables or disables the snap options.
  2. Allow Snap to Closest Point: Snaps to the closest point on the curve
  3. Clear Snap Point: resets and closes all snap options
  4. Snap Options:
    1. End Point: Selects the endpoints
    2. Midpoint: selects midpoints
    3. Control Point: selects midpoint, endpoint, existing points, knot points
    4. Poles: selects poles of the spline
    5. Intersection: snaps on the intersection of two curves
    6. Arc Center: snaps on the center of the circular object
    7. Quadrant Point: snaps on a quadrant of the circular object
    8. Existing Point: snaps on point
    9. Point on Curve: snaps on a point in the curve
    10. Point on Face: snaps on face
    11. Tangent Point: creates a tangent curve on the selected object

Tip: If you have a problem to snap on an edge of the body out of the sketch, You should look to “Filter Settings” on the top border bar. The “Filter Settings” should set as an “Entire Assembly”.

Tip 2: If you can not make a tangent curve on the curve starts, clear snap points then select only “Tangent Point” snap. Click on the object to create a tangent start point. If the tangent snap does not occur, move the cursor around the object to create a tangent snap.

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