Siemens NX

The default directory for NX Parts

By the default, NX creates and saves the part files to the directory below

  • C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII

You can change this folder from the settings in the “Customer Defaults”. 

To change the default save and create directory:

  1. Open “Customer Defaults” (File => Utilities => Customer Defaults)
  2. Open the “Directories” tab in the Gateway => General => Directories
  3. Click browse in the “Part File Directory” and select directory for new parts.
  4. Click “Ok” or “Apply” to quit from “Customer Defaults”

Note: The changes in the “Customer Defaults” will be activated after restarting NX.

Problem: The directory did not change even if you changed the directory settings in the “Customer Defaults”. NX goes on starting in the “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX\UGII” folder


  • There might be Non-English characters in the directory names. Check all folders on the way of the directory.
  • Check the directory names for any changes.
  • Assign directory again.
  • Do not use directories in the “C:\Program Files\…….” windows firewall might block directory in the “Program Files”.

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