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Importing step files in Siemens NX 11

You can import the stp files by using step/stp import function.

Command path: File => Import => Step

You can have some problems while importing the stp files into NX. Options changes imported data.

Import From: Select stp file to import.

Import to Part: Define stp files will import in an existed file or New file will be created for stp file.

  • Work Part: Stp file will be inserted in an existing part
  • New Part: The new part will be crated for stp file.

Model Data: Select which model data will be imported. Unselected data won’t import. (Curves, Surfaces, Solids, Coordinate systems, Product data, PMI)

Sew Surfaces Automatically: Sometimes there might be some tears or gaps between surfaces. NX can’t form a solid body because of these gaps. (STP file consists of the solid body but NX converts solid body to sheet body because of these gaps.) “Sew Surfaces Automatically” function sews disconnected surfaces and forms the solid body.

Simplify: Simplifies 3d model.

Optimize: Optimizes model. I prefer to unclick this option. If it is needed to use “Optimize Face” it can use after model opened.

Flatten Assembly: Assembly stp file will open in a single part and all components will be a solid body in the new part. (It might be useful if the model will use in assembly with no change)

2 thoughts on “Importing step files in Siemens NX 11

  • Brooks

    What if you wanted to import a STEP file which contains multiple bodies, and have each body be created in a new part. So if your step file had 5 bodies in it, if you follow the instructions above it will put those 5 bodies into 1 single part. Is it possible to import as 5 parts, 1 per each body?

    • I think your stp file format is step242.
      stp242 files, remember the origin file format was a single model or assembly file. That’s because stp files are opening in their original file format.
      Older stp versions as “step212” or “stp203” can be opened both as an assembly (parts in assembly) or part modeling (bodies in part). To import as parts turn on the “Flatten Assembly” checkbox in the import stp dialog box.
      If you want to create parts from bodies in the modeling, activate the assembly application and use the “Create new” command and select body in the part.


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