Siemens NX

Cylindrical Dimension on NX Drafting

You can create cylindrical dimensions on holes or cylindrical objects in the NX drafting. There are two methods for creating cylindrical dimensions.

Method 1:

  • Start the “Rapid Dimension” command.
  • Set the Measurement Method as “Inferred” in the dialog box.
  • Click on the cylindrical face to dimensioning
    (If you can not select the cylindrical face, move the mouse cursor on the face until it selected.)
  • The dimension will be created. Specify the location of the dimension.

Method 2:

  • Start the “Rapid Dimension” command.
  • Change the “Method” in the “Measurement” tab as “Cylindrical” in the dialog box.
  • Select an object to create a cylindrical dimension. There are two methods to create a cylindrical dimension.
    • Select a cylindrical object.
    • Select the first point and second point to create a cylindrical dimension between two points.
  • Specify the dimension location.

Note: If you want to type diameter sign before the value on the created dimension.

  • Right-click on the dimension
  • Select the “Edit Appended Text” on the opening list.
  • Set the “Text Location” as “Before”
  • Type “Alt+0216” in the “Text Input”

Also, you can import a diameter sign by using the “Symbols” tab in the “Edit Appended Text” dialog box. If there is no “Symbols” tab in the dialog, click the down arrow under the dialog box.

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