NX 11

Exporting iges files in Siemens NX 11

You can export part, assembly, bodies or selected objects by using iges export function.

Command path: File => Export => Iges

Export to iges options


  • Export From:
    1. Displayed Part: Exports current model to iges file
    2. Existing File: Exports the selected model from saved files in the computer.
  • Export to: You can define iges file name and saving folder. By default, the Current model name will be used for a file name.

Data to Export

  • Export: There are two options. “Model Data” and “Drawings”. Check iges file after saved because of these options. Unclick “Drawings”, if you want to save the only model. You might have some problems because of this.
  • Model Data: You can select which data will be export. (Curves, Surfaces, Solids, Coordinate Systems, Product Data, PMI)
  • Export: You can select manually which objects will be exported. There are two choices in the export box.
    • Entire Part: All parts and data will be exported in stp file which selected in model data.
    • Selected Objects: You can select objects manually which will be exported.

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