Siemens NX

Component Color Problem in NX Assembly

You can change part/components colors in the NX assembly.  But when you open the part in a working part window or insert it in another assembly file, you can see the part color did not change. 

For example, you change the face color of a part but when you open the part in a new window you can see the face color does not change.

To  solve this problem:

  1. Open the customer Defaults.
    File => Utulities => Customer Defaults
  2. On the left pane select
    Gateway => Edit Object Display
  3. Turn on the “Apply Changes to Owning Part” checkbox.

Note:  If this is not working, The problem might occur because of the “Type Filter” selection settings.

  1. Start the “Edit Object Display” command.
  2. Set the “Type Filter” as “Solid Body”
  3. Select the component in the assembly. (solid body selected and changes will apply to solid body in the component. So the changes will be fixed in the solid body of the component. )
  4. Change the component color.
  5. Now the color will be the same when you open the part in a new window.

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