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Hole Coordinate Table in NX Drafting

In the NX Drafting, you can show hole x, y coordinates on a table in the technical drawing.  The command to create a hole coordinate table is hidden in the latest NX version.

To make visible the “Hole Table”  command on the ribbon bar

  • Type “Hole Table” on the command finder then find and make visible the “Hole Table” command
  • Click the Drop-Down arrow on the “Table” group then click on the “Hole Table” to show/hide command on the “Home Ribbon Bar”
  • Click on the left of the “Home Ribbon Bar”. Move cursor on the “Table Group”. Wait a few seconds. The new list will open near it. Select or deselect “Hole Table” on the list to show or hide the command on the “Home Ribbon Bar”

To activate command:

  • Click on the “Hole Table” command by following the path of “Menu => insert => table => Hole Table”
  • Click on the “Hole Table” command on the table group in the “Home Ribbon Bar. (After the command made visible)

Creating the hole coordinate table in the drafting:

  1. Start the “Hole Table” command.
  2. Command dialog box will open and the “Select Origin” in the “References” tab will be highlighted.
  3. Select origin point (x=0, y=0, z=0) on the part.
    • Set the Origin type as a “User-Defined” as shown in the figure, otherwise, the negative coordinates will be shown as a positive direction on the table.
  4. The “Select Object” will be highlighted. There are several methods to select holes in the view.
    • Click on the part to select all part holes in the view
    • Select holes one by one by clicking on them.
    • You can use “Diameter Filter” to select holes through their diameter sizes
  5. The hole coordinate table will be created on the screen after the holes selected. Click on the middle mouse button to activate the “Specify location” in the “Origin” tab.
  6. Click on the screen where you want to place the hole table on the technical drawing.
  7. The hole table will be created and placed on the screen.
  8. The command is still active. You can create a new hole table or finish the command by pressing “Esc”.

Note: The “Hole Table” command does not create anything to show the origin for the hole coordinates. You can create a note to show origin.

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